The spirits of the air, Air Elementals, take their place in Chaos Reborn as battle map disrupters with an attack strength of 80, Multi-attack, and Push Back enabling them to scatter enemy forces or push them to their death. Despite the bulky appearance their swirling air form grants them the ability to fly with an excellent agility of 160. Thus, this Creature Unit is ideal for hit and run missions or for being deployed as an assassin to target enemies who are lingering too close to the battle map’s edge.

This Neutral Spell has a Casting Chance of 70% or a Mana Cost of 30 whilst its Mega-spell, Tempest of Elementals, can be found on Neutral, Air, and Creatures Staffs and summons two of the supernatural beings to join your forces. Air Elementals are therefore easily brought into play early in the battle and can be put to good use bringing an opponent’s attempt at an early rush to a standstill.

Game LoreEdit

The sand swirled and for a moment, I thought I saw the figure of a man within the whirlwind, his hand reaching out to me.

The air made into purpose and form, these elementals might be the echoing ghosts of dead spirits or sentience born into the wind itself. No wizard knows as none have ever spoken with these silent storms.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Flying: Can fly over terrain obstacles and other units.
  • Push Back: Successful attacks force target backwards 1 tile. The target dies if pushed off the battle map and this will not be prevented by the Sacrifice Special Ability. Immobilised Creature Units are not affected by Push Back.
  • Multi-attack: Attacks all adjacent enemies.
  • Undead Slayer: Can attack Undead Creature Units.

On the Battle MapEdit


Concept ArtEdit


  • 1.12: Defence raised from 50 to 60.

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