The Benevolent Order of Mages is an Order (Guild) in Chaos Reborn aligned with the God who has taken the name Gary. Its members value comradery and the advancement of knowledge with many assisting in the mentoring of newly trained Egregoroi taking their first steps into the Shattered Worlds. However, an order of feeble bookworms and teachers this is not as the fellows that make up its number do battle with a fierce determination to win and are skilled in dispatching many a more powerful foe with their speciality, the Magic Bolt.

The order is led by SlipperyJim.

Basic Order Information Edit

Full Name: The Benevolent Order of Mages
In-game: BOOM
Leader: SlipperyJim
Order Colours:
Chaos Reborn Forum:

Recruitment Criteria Edit

None, just ask SlipperyJim.

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