If you are looking for a way to boost your Creature Unit’s offensive capabilities without taking up a Talisman slot then look no further than the Bloodlust Totem. For in Chaos Reborn this spinning stone radiator of magical power will gift +30% attack strength and +30% agility. This bonus is cumulative for each Totem constructed thus making the binding of this Chaos Spell an attractive option for those seeking to overwhelm opponents with sheer force of might. However, to reflect this level of influence upon the battle map the Bloodlust Totem is moderately difficult to deploy with a Casting Chance of 60% or Mana Cost of 40 and does not exist in Mega-spell form.

Game LoreEdit

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Special AbilitiesEdit

  • None.

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Further ReadingEdit

  • Allen Stroud (Official Site) - Scribe of Chaos Reborn's Official Lore.