The Book of Green Shades is an ancient tome that details the art of magic and is held at the repository of Stormsheim Monastery on Limbo. No one knows the book’s real title or author, only that its name derives from the colour of its cover and myth says that it is a translation of a much older work. It is a writing of a hundred or more pieces of vellum bound with string between a leather cover infused with a mana, weld, & woad green dye suggesting its binder, if not author, was an alchemist of some skill.

The Book of Green ShadesEdit

The Sanctuary TreeEdit

So in front of the mighty walls of Tiryns it was that Demokritos had shown the strength of his craft. And a mighty work of craftsmanship it was for no alchemist or herbalist was he but that of lessor stock to them; a mere unproven and untrained Gifted who was thus unworthy to carry the title of Egregoroi. And yet this Gifted had done that which was not his to do with staff and with will and with exertion to the brink of losing his mind by bringing forth a vessel of mana. However, this vessel was not of stone or metal, and had not had mana transferred within it; it was a tree grown from the very soil beneath his feet and the mana within it came from the elements around it. Thus, it did protect with magic that which lay near to its branches as a warrior maiden may protect her mother. And he called this tree ‘Sanctuary’ and stepped into it as if it was his own attire and did become one with it. Remaining protected, safe, until the tree did wither from the burden of mana flowing into its ward Demokritos did then stand in its dust with the endless mana desiring slain and blessed with a new power.

by Farious
Based upon the work: The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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