Throughout history walls have proven an effective means of protection and they are no different in Chaos Reborn with the Crystal Wall possessing a defence strength of 100 and an immunity to magic attacks. The Crystal Wall can also encase enemy units inside it during construction, immobilising them until freed by the wall section being destroyed or the unit inside slain by your forces. Thus, they are more than just a barrier and can be used as part of a ‘capture and kill’ strategy. However, careful positioning of a Wizard prior casting will be needed due to the four wall sections’ linear deployment on the battle map.

The Law Spell has a Casting Chance of 70% or Mana Cost of 30 making it relatively easy to utilise from early in a battle whilst its Mega-spell, Crystal Maze, will construct 3 walls of 4 wall sections each. 

Whether as a barrier or as part of a plan to entrap an enemy, the Crystal Wall will provide you with a resilient means to control the battle and is an excellent addition to any Wizard’s Spell Deck.

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Special AbilitiesEdit

Structure: Immune to Magic Attack Spells.

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