In the realms of fantasy there is perhaps no hardier of being than the Dwarf and in Chaos Reborn this is no different for this sturdy warrior comes with an impressive defence strength of 60. Additionally his hammer can be used to destroy magic weapons wielded by enemy wizards and be thrown a short distance of 2 tiles with an attack strength of 10. Despite his low movement of 1 his magic power of 70 makes him a stubborn foe to dispatch and ideal for players seeking to shore up a position.

A Law Creature Unit, the Dwarf’s Mega-spell is the Shortage of Dwarves which can be found on Law and Marksman Staffs. A power summoning Spell, when cast four of these tough fighters are brought forth fight by your side.

Dwarves have a Casting Chance of 90% or a Mana Cost of 10 making them easy to deploy on the battle map and the perfect choice for those wishing to bring marching enemy troops to a standstill or to disarm a wizard before going in for the kill and thus make a fine edition to any force.

Game LoreEdit

“Are you a…”

Galina fell silent, staring, afraid to ask her question. The short bearded man held her gaze, his eyes like chips of stone and his thick fingers curled tight around a hammer that was taller than him. Then, abruptly, he burst out laughing, a low barking growl which didn’t little to ease her caution.

“Aye, I’m of the old folk, girl. The dvergr as we were known to your kind, the stone dwellers of the deep.”

Determined and unyielding, Dwarves live in a multitude of cavernous realms. To some they have minds like the stone they live within, to others they are fast friends and loyal companions. Dwarven society is ordered and has a strict hierarchy. They view a summoning by wizards as an opportunity to prospect new realms.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Alternative NamesEdit

In the Fractured Worlds a Dwarf may also be known as a Dweorg or Juje.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Shatter: Destroys a magic weapon or a magical set of wings wielded by an defending wizard.

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