Born of man in human form, the Egregoroi are wielders of magic. Slow ageing, living some three-hundred years, they are a hardy supernatural being capable of surviving in the most extreme environments ranging from frozen arctic wastes to endless deserts.

Able to sense the Cosmic Balance, most Egregoroi follow a singular path that suits their nature whether it be Chaos, Neutral or Law and use their powers as they see fit. Knights, guardians, kings, prophets, religious leaders, and humble travellers; all an Egregoroi have been but most will still strive to increase their power and transcend their mortal form to become a God.

Game LoreEdit

Humankind has never been alone. Hidden amongst the multitude of societies and civilisations since the first days of fire and writing are the Egregoroi; similar but different to us. Some say they are the chosen of the Creator, others that they themselves were creators of our world and the worlds beyond. In ancient writings the Egregoroi have many names; Immortal, Elohim, demigod and more. To some they are prophets, guardians harbingers, seers and oracles; to others, totems of punishment, vengeance and death.

The Egregoroi are vastly knowledgeable, with lifespans far longer than any human. Their origin is wrapped up in countless mythologies and religions. Their nature is as changeable as mortals, but their outlook on life differs, owing to their continuation.

The Egregoroi are hardy individuals, capable of surviving exposure and temperature extremes beyond that of mortals, but this physical fortitude is still limited and not excessive by comparison. The chief strength of the Egregoroi lies in their affinity with magic. They are capable of manipulating the basic material of reality in a vast number of ways. Over time, these manipulations have become taught rituals, rotes and spells passed on from elder to novice.

Gradually, most Egregoroi develop an affinity with a particular aspect of magic - law, nature/neutrality or chaos. This is often shaped by their outlook on life.

Egregoroi do age and share many vulnerabilities with humans. The oldest Egregoroi might live to three hundred years. However, they have found a way to transcend their mortal form and become Gods, a transformation which makes them immortal.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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