For those seeking to lead their forces from the front there perhaps can be no other choice of mount than the Elephant. This giant beast has a defence strength of 90 and the Bulldoze Special Ability to help it clear enemy defences such as trees and vines. The Creature Unit does however have a vulnerability to Magic Attacks which should be taken into account but this can be overcome by a suitably Talisman equipped Wizard.

The Mega-spell for the Elephant is the Herd of Elephants which summons three of these magnificent mammals to the battle map to create a formable rolling demolition team that no Crystal Wall can withstand indefinitely.

A Neutral Spell with the Casting Chance of 50% or a Mana Cost of 50, the Elephant will be one to plan ahead for but is most certainly worth the effort.

Game LoreEdit

They came thundering across the open ground, maddened by whips and a wizard’s compulsion. On the walls, soldiers screamed; they had never seen anything like these huge behemoths of the east.

Monsters of the ancient world that rampaged through battle lines of friend and foe alike, the elephant is a sturdy, biddable and protective mount for wizards. Herds roam the wide plains and savannahs of the largest realms, as they once did centuries ago.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Bulldoze: 120 attack when attacking part of a Crystal Wall, a Gooey Blob, a Magic Tree, a Shadow Tree, or a section of Tangle Vine.
  • Mount: Can be rode by a Wizard. The mount must be killed before the rider can be harmed unless they are thrown off the Battle Map.

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