For those seeking to influence large sections of the battle map there can be no better choice than the ever popular Elf. This Creature Unit is equipped with a bow giving it a powerful range with a strength of 20 which is able to hit targets some 4 tiles away. However, her archery skills are tempered by her vulnerability if engaged in hand-to-hand combat with an attack strength of only 10 and a defence strength of only 20. Thus, a wise player may choose to keep their elven forces a safe distance from the frontline confident that their Magic Power of 70 will protect them from an enemy Wizard’s Magic Attacks.

The Elf’s Mega-spell is found on Law, Growths, and Marksman Staffs and is the Elf Squad. When cast this summons a trio of these beings to fight alongside you, or the Talisman Aelfscyne can be used to transmute a small army from your Magic Trees. This, plus a compelling Casting Chance of 60% and a Mana Cost of 40, makes the Law aligned Elf perfect for those wanting a large force quickly in order to take out an enemy hoard safely from afar.

Game LoreEdit

The strangers were thin and tall, with long hair, angular faces and almond shaped eyes. The rocklight cast shadows on their faces, lighting them from below, making them seem severe and judgemental.

Ten of them, dressed in loose fitting robes. They carried bows and long hunting knives. Their leader wore a circlet of dark leaves, his open hand keeping the arrows at bay. Behind them, a vast city on a midnight lake, curved towers and houses surrounded by an obsidian wall.

Almost human in appearance, but gifted with greater sight and agility, Elves live in many of the outer worlds where the semblance of old nature asserts itself best. Woodland realms suit them, allowing most use of their affinity for all growing things.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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In the Fractured Worlds a female Elf may also be known as an Aelfen.

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