Eternal life and legendary magical fountains have long been sought after by intrepid explorers and in Chaos Reborn you can have your own with the Fountain of Life. Once constructed this Law Structure will attempt to resurrect any living Creature Unit that is slain except Wizards and has a 50% chance of being successful. However, it can only do this 3 times so timing of its placement on the battle map will be crucial to maximise the potential. Nevertheless, used wisely the magic waters will give extra peace of mind as you send your troops into combat.

Game LoreEdit

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Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Resurrection: 50% chance of up to 3 slain living Creature Units (not Wizards) being resurrected. Resurrection attempt will fail if there is no suitable adjacent tile for the unit to be brought back to life on.

Note: Unofficial Names of Abilities

On the Battle MapEdit


Fountain of Life does not have a Mega-spell.

Further ReadingEdit

  • Allen Stroud (Official Site) - Scribe of Chaos Reborn's Official Lore.