For those looking to boost their Creature Unit’s defensive capabilities, the Guardian Totem is one of the options to choose from in Chaos Reborn. This static Structure provides all allied forces with +30% defence and +30% magic power which stacks with every totem that is constructed.

The Guardian Totem is a Law Spell with a Casting chance of 60% and a Mana Cost of 40 and to reflect its powerful nature does not have a Mega-spell. Thus, a cunning creature focused player may well bind this Spell to their Wizard’s Bodygear or Staff in order to overwhelm their foes with beasts that simply cannot be slain at a rate fast enough to prevent their opponent’s doom.

Game LoreEdit

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Special AbilitiesEdit

  • None.

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Further ReadingEdit

  • Allen Stroud (Official Site) - Scribe of Chaos Reborn's Official Lore.