From the time of ancient Greece until the modern age, the Hydra has trilled and terrified audiences and now it does so in Chaos Reborn. This many headed beast is one of the most powerful Creature Units with a brutal attack strength of 70 and a terrifying defence strength of 280. Even magic has little effect on this serpentine abomination as it possess a magic power of 120 rendering it a threat to even the most powerful wizards. However, for any force facing down a Hydra the situation is grimmer than they may realise for this Chaos killing machine comes with the Multi-attack special ability allowing it to inflict damage on all adjacent foes in a single turn.

In the unlikely circumstances that one Hydra is not enough to have your opponents fleeing then further horror can be brought to bear upon them by casting the Mega-spell a Slither of Hydras and summoning two of the creatures to break their lines and will.

The Hydra is one of the most powerful summoning Spells and so carries a high price with a Casting Chance of 30% or a Mana Cost of 70. However, this price will be one worth paying for many a wizard as this multi-headed beast is truly one of the kings of close combat.

Game LoreEdit

She marvelled at the creature, staring in horrid fascination as the multiple heads nipped and snarled at each other until they found agreement and resumed their lumbering walk through the ruined city walls.

Serpentile creatures found in marshes, swamps, tunnels and caves, they are awkward creatures, often divided in purpose by the disagreements of each snakelike head. However, when threatened, the Hydrae will unite in aggression and action. The spell to master such a creature is arduous and complicated as each head must be seduced and controlled. They are deadly dangerous to foes.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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  • Multi-attack: Attacks all adjacent enemies.

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