Kinkaku-ji is a location on Limbo.

Game LoreEdit

The rebuilt citadel of the Ashikaga, Kinkaku-ji stands fourteen storeys high above the ruins of Kyoto, but the building also extends deep into the ground. Each level is given status and access to each level affords individuals respect. Much like the Tower of the Star, the upper level is said to contain the Ashikaga portal, but it is also a place where, at opportune times, magic is practiced in a limited way, so as to familiarise young initiates with their abilities.

It is said the Askikaga portal room also contains a fragment of the ancient doorway map once held in trust by the Great Conclave. Whilst the destinations of such places are no longer the same, the rune cyphers for each remain the same and by visiting them, a new catalogue of realms can be established. Each order of Limbo maintains such lists, but the Ashikaga index is known to be the largest.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop


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