A Law Staff is a type of Staff in Chaos Reborn. It primarily focuses on Law aligned spells, including Dwarves, Elves, Magic Attacks (Justice and Decree), Paladins and Sapphire Dragons.

A Law Staff will typically be used by Wizards who prefer using all Law aligned spells in order to defeat their opponent, rather than focusing on a particular type of spell, be it a Creature or a Magic Attack.

Mega Spells Edit

Mega Spell Mega Spell Cost
Elf Squad 62-80
Shortage of Dwarves 54-72
Flight of Dragons 66-84
Blessing of Unicorns 58-76
Constellation of Pegasi 54-72
Company of Paladins 62-80
Magic Forest 50-68
Divine Sword 50-68
Divine Shield 50-68
Divine Bow 54-72
Mega Bolt 62-80
Icarus Towers 62-80
Crystal Maze 62-80

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