The balance between Law and Chaos has a major effect on the game.

  • If you cast Law spells, the balance shifts towards Law, making them easier to cast.
  • If you cast Chaos spells, the balance shifts towards Chaos, making Chaos spells easier to cast.

This can be an important part of your strategy, especially if you want to summon some dragons. This was a feature of the original Chaos, and is also an important part of Chaos Reborn. However, there is something new with Chaos Reborn. The environment and terrain will gradually transform based on the balance, eventually resulting in a significantly warped landscape.

  • Chaos writhes with random energy
  • Law terrain becomes ossified and chrystalline

The effect can be dramatic if the balance is shifted far in either direction.

Each terrain element can shift to Law or Chaos based on a random chance, which is in turn based on the current Law or Chaos value. If a Chaos creature is on Chaos terrain it will get some combat and magic resistance bonuses, whereas a Law creature would get penalties. The converse is true for Law terrain. Some spell effects will also be dependent on Chaos or Law terrain.