The Lion is a Creature Unit inspired by the big cat from Africa and as such is both fast and manoeuvrable with movement of 3 and agility of 40, making it an ideal choice for harassing and breaking up approaching enemy formations. Furthermore it is highly suited for work as a sentry due to its special ability of Leap. This allows Lions to majestically jump to and from terrain that are two levels of height apart and grants double the attack strength when leaping to engage an enemy unit. However, a low magic power of 20 makes Lions vulnerable to an enemy Wizard equipped with Attack Spells so choosing which foe to unleash your big cats upon may swing the tide of battle in your favour or against it.

The Lion’s Mega-spell is the Pride of Lions, allowing the summoning of a formidable 3 of the beasts to do your bidding and can be found on Armoury, Creatures, Neutral, and Speed Staffs.

A Neutral Spell with a Casting Chance of 70% or a Mana Cost of 30, the Lion is an excellent choice for early game rushes and a solid Creature Unit to help control battle map.

Game LoreEdit

Claws, fur and teeth, barrelling towards the woman, a lion, straight from the African delta, now here and at Rani’s command. She watched as the woman struggled to avoid it, falling to the ground as she twisted aside.

The king predator of jungle and plains in the old world, there is much that outmatches the lion in the Fractured Realms, yet the creatures do not lack for courage and see all enemies as prey. They do not make good long term companions and resent a wizard’s magic being used to control them.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Leap: Can transverse terrain with a height difference of 2. +200% attack when leaping down to attack an enemy unit.

On the Battle MapEdit


Further ReadingEdit

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