The Magic Bolt is a magic spell that a wizard can cast on an enemy creature, growth or wizard. It cannot be used against structures. With a high magic power value and a range of 3, it always stands a good chance of killing most creatures and wizards, and is especially effective at dealing with the undead.

Because of its power and range, an enemy wizard can easily fall to a Magic Bolt (in Classic Mode, there is a 71% chance that a wizard can be killed by a bolt). It is therefore wise for wizards to consider "Bolt Range" when making moves.

The chances of killing / damage inflicted is worked out by 50 + half the casting wizards Magic Power vs the Defence of the wizard, creature or growth being attacked.

Bolt Range Edit

"Bolt Range" is the range where an opponent wizard could potentially bolt you in the next turn. This is worked out by calculating where the opponent wizard can move next turn (by clicking on the opponent wizard or his mount) and then add 3 spaces.

The Simple Rule of Bolt Range is:

Stay out of Bolt Range.
Moving into Bolt Range dramatically increases your chances of getting killed. You should only move into Bolt Range in exceptional circumstances.

Game LoreEdit

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On the Battle MapEdit


Magic Bolt's Mega-spell is Mega Bolt.

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