Archery has long been a popular method of disposing of troublesome enemy formations and in Chaos Reborn not only Elves can wield the bow but so can you with the Law Spell, Magic Bow. The bow will add 20 range attack strength and 3 range on its primary cast then 10 range attack strength on subsequent casts. An elegant and powerful weapon in its own right, it can be used with the Valour Talisman Pontacto to extend the range further and increase overall range attack strength by 10%.

Magic Bows have a Casting Chance of 60% or Mana Cost of 40 to reflect their potential influence on the battle map and an even more powerful version is available via their Mega-spell, the Divine Bow. Thus, whether you wish to hold back approaching enemy ranks or slay your foes from a relatively safe distance, there can be no better choice than becoming an archer yourself.  

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