When despatching an enemy sometimes the tried and tested methods of hand-to-hand combat are best and in Chaos Reborn the Magic Sword provides the ideal weapon to do this. The first cast will add 80 to your or an allied Wizard’s attack strength. Subsequent casts will add 50 allowing you turn even the humblest of builds into a walking slaughter engine. Furthermore each slaying with a Magic Sword will receive +50% Mana giving you even more motivation to get up close and personal.

The Magic Sword is a Law Spell with a Casting Chance of 70% or a Mana Cost of 30 making is relatively easy to be able to wield whilst for an even deadlier version the Mega-spell Divine Sword is available. Thus, for those seeking the thrills of melee action, this magical weapon is an excellent choice to give you the fighting edge on the battle map.

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