The mount for Chaos is the Persian mythical creature the Manticore. This human headed flying Creature Unit has the body of a lion with claws of an eagle making it an excellent fighter in hand-to-hand combat with attack strength of 40. Its tail meanwhile can keep hordes of weaker foes at bay by firing spines at them with a range attack strength of 10.

Two of these powerful beasts can be summoned in a single turn with the Destruction of Manticores Mega-spell which can be found on Chaos, Air, Armoury, Marksman, Mounts, and Speed staffs, enabling your Wizard fly into combat with a knowledge a spare is at hand.

The Manticore is thus certainly suited to the task of commanding the skies and with a Casting Chance of 40% and Mana Cost of 60 it can be do so early on the battle map. 

Game LoreEdit

“It is a corruption - a hell beast.”

Katya knelt down to examine the strange corpse. Leathery wings attached to a powerful feline body, but the dead eyes that stared up at her were human.

A strange hybrid creature born from the fusion of others, Manticores are rumoured to be the byproduct of experimentation by the rebellious Iconics known as the Four Horsemen in the aftermath of the Schism.

However they came about, the creatures are wild, vicious and unpredictable.

Only the strongest wizards can master them.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Flying: can fly over terrain obstacles and other units.
  • Mount: Can be rode by a Wizard. The mount must be killed before the rider can be harmed unless they are thrown off the Battle Map.

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