The remnants of mankind. Many are still imprisoned on Limbo, descendants of those kept alive by random chance through contact with magic or by design of Egregoroi and Nephilim patrons looking to prevent the extinction of man. Now they provide a workforce for Egregoroi and tower masters, and a source of new Gifted ones. The more fortunate Mortals are taken to the Shattered Worlds to serve in the roles found in the new nations being built there by the Egregoroi. This is done using the Portals for Mortals cannot be summoned due to their composition lacking the necessary magical properties and thus they cannot use magic themselves either. However, they are affected by it like any other being.

Game LoreEdit

In the days of the old world they numbered countless thousands. Nations and kingdoms warred across sea and earth. Always hidden amongst them were the gifted, labouring in secret towards betterment for all. In the days after the shattering, most of humanity perished. Death by fire, preferable to starvation or the slow asphyxiation of the void. Only those protected by their secret masters or by chance survived. Now these remnants wander the ruins of Limbo, waiting for deliverance into the realms of the wizard kings. Their physiology makes them inherently non-magical. Spells may be cast upon them, but they cannot be summoned or wield magical power themselves, without having something of the blood. Life for humans in the Fractured Worlds is much better, but the price of passage is always steep. A wizard seeking a populace for a magical kingdom can afford to be selective and choosy. Those who skill, beauty or a proven work ethic are chosen, leaving behind the most wretched to a cursed existence in the ruins of a broken land.

A wandering wizard may find humans who will accompany them on their travels, but these are rare folk.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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