.A half-mortal, half-Egregoroi being of human form born through interbreeding of Egregoroi and Mortals.

Alchemists, artificers, archivers, herbalists, merchants, philosophers, servants, teachers, and tower masters. These dwellers of Limbo are loyal to none but enemy of none either except when under the influence of the coin. They are the practitioners of weak or limited magic.

Game LoreEdit

Throughout time, the Nephilim have existed. The first of them, wrote extensively about the world’s workings, defining its transformational properties and relationships. His followers, other mortals with the blood of the Egregoroi, refined his work through the centuries.

The world remained ignorant of the truth; that magic exists and is the true catalyst of reality. Behind a veil of religion, prophecy and politics, Nephilim and Egregoroi have guided societies and nations, shepherding them towards enlightenment.

After the schism, the Nephilim are more known for the part they play in selecting, training and assisting wizards. They are known as alchemists, artificers, archivists, door wardens and more. Most live in the great towers on Limbo where they maintain a place of truce and parley for wizards to visit. These towers trade with their guests, who bring offerings in exchange for repairs to their equipment and wise counsel.

Physically half breeds are amongst the weakest of our kind. Bound by their patterns as they are to the existence, so they like humanity are doomed to suffer its sickness and eventual destruction.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

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