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The Order of Anu

The Order of Anu is an Order (Guild) in Chaos Reborn that contains many sentient beings and all aspects of humanity's forms whether that be Mortals, Nephilim, Egregoroi, or even Gods. This mysterious grouping of 'agents' seems to focus on exploration in order to collect every type of magical adornment they can or expend great effort covertly meddling in the governance of Realms. Why they do either, or what their long term goals are is unknown. Yet despite this secrecy their long term pact with the Eckanar alchemists and generosity to fellows they meet on the road has become somewhat legendary.

The ruler of the order is the Demigod Anjovi.

Basic Order Information[]

Full Name: The Order of Anu
In-game: Anu
Leader: Anjovi
Order Colours:
Chaos Reborn Forum:

Recruitment Criteria[]

The Order does not have any recruitment criteria and welcomes all. To join just leave a message in the Chaos Reborn threat at:…

Order Crests, Emblems, Heraldry & Icons[]