God - Baldr

The Golden Dragon Baldrlux

The Order of Baldrlux is an order (guild) of wizards in Chaos Reborn. Their players participate in all online modes of the game and constitute two in-game guilds, Baldrlux and Baldrnox. The primary purpose of the Order is to help provide opportunities for all players to have fun playing Chaos Reborn. Members are welcome to contribute to the development of all aspects of the Order, including its goals and lore. Members also are welcome to switch their in-game guilds as often as they want. 

Basic Order Information Edit

Full Name: Order of Baldrlux
Leaders: Baldr & RafiRomero
In-game guilds: Baldrlux & Baldrnox
Sigil: Golden Dragon
Chaos Reborn Forum:
Steam Group:
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Recruitment Criteria Edit

All are welcome! The easiest ways to join the Order of Baldrlux are to (1) join the Order's Steam group, (2) introduce your in-game wizard with a post in the Chaos Reborn forum, or (3) ask Baldr or RafiRomero anywhere you find them.

Guilds of the Order Edit

The Order includes two in-game guilds: Baldrlux and Baldrnox. Members of both guilds are members of the Order of Baldrlux. The Baldrlux guild is organized by Baldr, and the Baldrnox guild is organized by RafiRomero. Both guilds share common goals; however, with in-game competitions and in-game lore, they are rivals of each other.

In-game Goals Edit

The official ideology of the Order holds that mortals are capable of great wonder and progress if only the gods would stop interfering. The Order strives to make such a future a reality by fighting the gods and their followers who seek to usurp the wonder of which wizards, alchemists, and ordinary humans are capable. Whether members sincerely share in these goals, however, is irrelevant so long as they are willing to battle gods, guilds, and other foes of the Order. 

In-game Lore Edit

The Order is named after Baldr's avatar, Baldrlux, a golden dragon who sacrificed herself to defeat a fell god who attempted to subjugate mortals to its ambitions. The principal leaders of the Order, Baldr and RafiRomero, are gods who strive to make deities irrelevant or dead, at least the other ones. They both personally lead guilds, Baldrlux and Baldrnox, which are rival factions within the Order. Some Order members switch their guild allegiance as often as they change their talismans for magical combat.

Order Crests, Emblems, Heraldry & Icons Edit

Despite their divisions, Order generally know each other by their use of a sigil or avatar of a golden dragon representing Baldrlux, whose death fighting for mortals marked the founding of the Order.

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