Realm Feature - Palace
The Palace is a Realm Feature in Chaos Reborn. It is the base of operations of the Wizard King and capturing it is not only the goal for the Player but also necessary to complete the Realm. In order to do this the Breach Spell must first be cast in order to break the protective barrier that surrounds the opulent building and then the Wizard King himself defeated.

As well as housing the Realm’s main antagonist, Palaces also provide them aid in the form of Reinforcement Points, +2 per Day, and Flux Points, +3 per Day. Thus, the Wizard King will always be able to increase his reinforcements and the Banish Spell’s progress regardless of the Player’s actions. However, the Player can, of course, degrade the overall progress by capturing Citadels, Mana Fluxes and discovering specific Encounter types.

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