From Medusa to Chaos Reborn’s own Hellhound, the power to halt an enemy in their tracks with a stare that turns them to stone has been a powerful ability for one to possess and with the spell Paralyse you can. Effective against any Creature Unit in line of sight that fails a Magic Power test involving the Neutral Spell’s Power compared to the target’s Magic Power (which also is affected by the casting Wizard’s Magic Power and the controlling Wizard’s Map Power) will become routed to the spot; living will be easy prey, and the Undead mortal.

Paralyse has a Casting Chance of 80% or Mana Cost of 20 and also exists in the more powerful form of the Mega-spell Mass Petrification. As such it is a comparatively cheap way for Anarchic and Magic Power leaning players to provide a defence against a horde of approaching enemy troops whether living or not. 


Paralyse's Mega-spell is Mass Petrification.

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