There is perhaps no more famous steed than Pegasus and in Chaos Reborn this majestic flying horse is a fitting tribute to the one of legend. For not only does this Creature Unit have a range of 4, it also possess the powerful Sacrifice special ability meaning that a Pegasus will lay down its life to save that of an adjacent friendly unit. Thus, it is the ultimate protection for any Wizard on the battle map.

The Pegasi Mega-spell is Constellation of Pegasi which summons two of these beautiful creatures to ride or provide an invaluable shield to you or your key troops.

A Law Spell with a Casting Chance of 40% or a Mana Cost of 60 the Pegasus is a mount for those who want to quickly transverse the battlefield or have a shield for the heat of close combat. Either way, it is an invaluable asset for any Wizard to have.

Game LoreEdit

She crouched low on the creatures back and felt the wind in her hair. The winged horse galloped through the sky, its movements strained and ungainly compared to the soaring birds, but with a beauty and grace all of its own.

Magical horses trapped for centuries beneath the earth, the Pegasi are free once more to roam skies and plains. Loyal and lawful creatures whose intellect rivals that of humans, Pegasi have not forgotten their imprisonment and remain wary of wizards in the wild.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Sacrifice: If adjacent to a friendly unit then any damage attempting to be inflicted on said friendly unit will instead be taken by the unit with this ability even if it means its own death. An attack by an Air Elemental thus will not be prevented by this special ability.
  • Flying: Can fly over terrain obstacles and other units.
  • Mount: Can be rode by a Wizard. The mount must be killed before the rider can be harmed unless they are thrown off the Battle Map.

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