The Rat Pack is a Neutral Spell that allows the player to cast three rats in one turn. With a movement of 3 tiles they are a popular Creature Unit to summon first for many wizards who are looking for an early rush move. However, with only 10 attack and 10 defence they are comparatively rather weak and can be killed easily if isolated. They do however pose an effective nuisance and method of delaying opponent wizards and used wisely have the chance of felling even the most powerful beast.

Game LoreEdit

Small beady eyes appeared in the darkness, focused on him, their intention murderous and predatory. Piers backed away.

Even the smallest creatures can serve the purpose of a shrewd wizard. Rodents are used as carriers of plague and poison to kill enemies in their sleep or during their meals. They are easy to master and control, but can easily slip the leash if forgotten.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • None.

On the Battle Map Edit

Mega-spell Edit

The Mega Spell version of the Rat Pack is the Rat Swarm, which allows the player to cast six rats in one turn. This is the highest number of creatures that a player can cast on one turn, and with a casting chance of 100% in Chaos Mode and a Mana Cost in Law Mode at 0, it can cause untold misery for the other players!

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