The Realm Level provides a rough guide to the difficulty of a Realm. Players cannot see nor enter Realms that are of a higher level than their Wizard Level. Thus, for a new player, the number of available Realms on the list may appear rather limited when in fact it is not the case.

Realm Levels & AI Wizards Edit

This table lists the type of AI Wizard Lords found at each Realm Level.



Wizard AI Wizard





1 Basic 1-3 None
2 Intermediate 4-7 2
3 Advanced 8-11 4
4+ Advanced 12 6

Realm Levels & Reinforcements Edit

The Realm level dictates the maximum number of Reinforcements that can be deployed to aid an enemy Wizard Lord or a Wizard King. The formula is:

Max number of Reinforcements per Wizard Lord or Wizard King = Realm Level + 2

Realm Levels & Marauders Edit

The number of Marauders in a Realm is also controlled by the Realm Level. The maximum is determined using the formula:

Max number of Marauders = 1 + (Realm Level / 3)