Screen - Reinforcement Points
In Realms Reinforcement Points are the currency that the Wizard King uses to recruit additional units to fight alongside themselves and the Wizard Lords. They are generated on a per day basis and how these points are allocated is determined by the Realm Designer using a weighting system. However, only Realm Features under the Wizard King’s control will provide points thus, the Player can reduce the speed at which Reinforcements are deployed by capturing the Realm Features that generate them.

Points GenerationEdit

GUI - Reinforcement Points
The number of Reinforcement Points generated per day is as follows:
Feature Points
Citadel 1
Palace 2

The formula is:
((Number of Citadels * 1) + (Number of Palaces * 2)) * Number of Days passed = number of Reinforcement Points generated

Therefore, a Realm with 1 Citadel and 1 Palace would generate 3 Reinforcement Points per Day whilst a Realm with 3 Citadels and 1 Palace would generate 5 Reinforcement Points per Day.