For those seeking a mighty Creature Unit able to lay waste to their enemies look no further than the Sapphire Dragon. These magnificent beasts are one of the Fractured World’s most powerful beings with an impressive attack strength of 70 and a defence strength of 110. They are also highly magical and able to confound many an enemy wizard’s spell as they possess a magic power strength of 140. A flying nightmare for your opponents, in Chaos Reborn the Sapphire Dragon can use its sonic energy breath to attack from afar or from a high, perched on unassailable cliffs.

Its Mega-spell is the Flight of Sapphire Dragons which summons 2 of the beasts to the battle field to bring a sense of foreboding to even the most courageous.

A Law Spell with a Casting Chance of 20% or a Mana Cost of 80, you may have to plan ahead to bring your force of dragons into play but doing so will almost certainly be worthwhile.

Game LoreEdit

Dragons. The oldest stories he remembered being told as a child. The great Ryūjin father of the first Emperor Jimmu and Yamata no Orochi the eight-headed serpent. The creature he saw was neither of these, nor a Nāga of the Buddhists, but he recognised it for being kin of those ancient legends.

Creatures of myth in ancient times, some say they were made real by the change, others that they had always been real, just remaining on the fringe of the world, to be found by sailors and explorers into its farthest reaches. Now, they live in their own realms, drawn by the currents of magic across the void. Dragons are the most powerful of beasts a wizard might summon, difficult to control, but once mastered they are powerful minions, capable of defeating the strongest of wizards.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Flying: Can fly over terrain obstacles and other units.

On the Battle MapEdit


Further ReadingEdit

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