Dating back to ancient Greece, the notion of trees possessing qualities more akin to beasts or even man has been a feature of many a folklore or fantasy story. However, in Chaos Reborn some care must be taken for its ‘talking trees’ can form Shadow Woods and come with a particularly nasty surprise in the form of a vicious swipe which carries an attack strength of 30. Their bark is also hardy with a defence strength of 70 making them an idea defensive measure to deploy against an enemy force with perhaps only Elephants to fear.

Shadow Wood is a Chaos Spell that grows 5 Shadow Trees and has a Casting Chance of 70% or a Mana Cost of 30. Its Mega-spell is Shadow Forest which adds a further 5 trees to create a formidable labyrinth of animated woodland for you to command. 

Whether be it early or late in the battle, Shadow Trees are an excellent way to bring a large section of the battle map under your control and if your combat needs change then they can also be transmuted into Goblins or Gooey Blobs using the Talismans Gobelinus and Garivano respectively. Thus, they may not be able to move from where they have sprouted but are nevertheless a versatile growth and an excellent choice for any Wizard.

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