Equipment - Talisman - Sorcery
Sorcery Talismans are fitted into Sorcery Slots found on Bodygear but not Staffs. Some are Activated by spending Mana, and may start pre-Activated for some higher ranking AI Wizard Lords, whilst others are passive.

Name Influence Activation
of Max
Glyph & Ward
Baculum Obligo At least 3 Spells matching your Staff type start in your Spell Deck unless forbidden by a Taboo and, subject to Hand Size, up to all Spells matching your Staff Type start in your Spell Hand. Passive n/a
Equipment - Talisman - Baculum Obligo
Bestiae Secutus +1 Casting Range for Creature Unit and Structure Spells. 16 1
Equipment - Talisman - Bestiae Secutus
Cantio Compositus Gain a random Spell in your Spell Deck, including the possibility of Turmoil, then fold the Spell Hand into the Spell Deck and shuffle it before drawing a new Spell Hand. This Talisman ignores the effects of Taboos. 10 (+5 per use) 5
Equipment - Talisman - Cantio Compositus
Cantio Obligo Subject to Hand Size, Spells bound using Spell Binding Talismans will start in your Spell Hand. Passive n/a
Equipment - Talisman - Cantio Obligo
Cantio Secutus +1 Casting Range for All Spells. 40 1
Equipment - Talisman - Cantio Secutus
Exemplum Funus Gain the Spell of next slain or destroyed real entity (Creature Unit illusions will not be gained but the power of the Talisman will remain in effect until used). 12 (+5 per use) 5
Equipment - Talisman - Exemplum Funus
Megacarmen +50% Magic Power. 45 1
Equipment - Talisman - Megacarmen
Volaticus Duplus Gain and cast the Spell of an adjacent Creature Unit regardless of if you have cast a Spell already this turn. Normal Casting rules apply however only a single Creature will be summoned. 35 (+10 per use) 5
Equipment - Talisman - Volaticus Duplus
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