Whether you fear Spiders in real life or not, you certainly should in Chaos Reborn for this Creature Unit comes with the Web Special Ability allowing it to cocoon an enemy unit. Once encased the Spider can choose to leave its trapped foe be or finish it off. The Undead are also not immune to the imprisoning silk making these eight legged beasts perfect for countering those Chaos beings that exist beyond the grave.

Spiders have an attack strength of 30 and a defence strength of 50 and are a dependable combatant on the battle field whilst their webs come with a defence strength of 70. Thus a wise tactician may wish to maximise these creatures’ potential by summoning multiple Spiders which can be done either by transmuting Tangle Vines with the Aconite Talisman or by casting the Mega-spell Cluster of Spiders.

With a Casting Chance of 60% or a Mana Cost of 40 this Neutral Spell may not be the easiest Spell to utilise early in the battle but it certainly can tip the odds in your favour when it has been.

Game LoreEdit

Before she got two steps, the spider swept her up into its jaws and began to eat her alive.

Gargantuan creatures, enhanced by the magic of wizards to grow to a frightening size, Giant spiders live in deep caves and burrow into the earth to lay eggs and ambush their prey.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Alternative NamesEdit

In the Fractured Worlds a Spider may also be known as a Giant Spider.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Web: Can immobilise an enemy, including the Undead, in a web which has a defence strength of 70.

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Further ReadingEdit

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