Mind control of some form has long been a feature of many a fantasy or science fiction work and this staple method of bringing tension to an audience finds its way in equal measure to Chaos Reborn with the Subversion spell. By using it, or its Mega-spell Mass Subversion, you can bend your foe’s forces to do your will, turning an army of enemies into allies that will crush their former master.

A Neutral Spell with a Casting Chance of 75% or a Mana Cost of 25, Subversion is easy to cast the chance of conversion is a test between the spell’s Power and the target Creature Unit’s Magic Power. Thus, if you prefer brain over brawn Subversion can be an extremely cost effective means of gaining the most powerful of beasts without risking failure or paying the true cost of the spell yourself.


Subversion's Mega-spell is Mass Subversion.

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