Chaos Reborn offers many ways to create an effective line of defence but potentially one of the most successful ways will be to use the versatile Tangle Vine. Each Spell cast grows up to 5 tiles of this densely packed vegetation with each vine possessing a defence strength of 200. Thus, with considered placement, Tangle Vines will provide the casting wizard with an effective means of stopping an advancing enemy or even imprisoning them. And if you require more than 5 Liana then there is always the option of using its Mega-spell, Mega Tangle Vine, which will fill up to 10 tiles with these barriers of nature.

Tangle Vine is a Neutral Spell with a Casting Chance of 80% or a Mana Cost of 20 which makes them cheap and easy to deploy from early in the battle. However, Tangle Vines are not just a defensive measure. These Growths can also be transmuted into Spiders using the Talisman Aconite to quickly create a terrifying force of the web weaving giant arachnids to send forth against your enemies. 

Therefore, whether you favour defensive or offensive tactics, the Tangle Vine provides opportunities for both and clearly will have a home in any wizard’s Spell Deck.

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Further ReadingEdit

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