In the heat of combat the battlefield can become a crowded, confusing, and disorientating place. However, if things still are not intense enough for you then you can spice things up even more by casting Turmoil. This Chaos Spell is the harbinger of panic and disorder as it teleports every single entity on the battle map to a new random tile; troop formations may be broken and once safe units now pitted against a mighty foe. Thus, it may not be the wisest of choices for a Wizard upon the verge of victory and yet many may argue you have not experienced the true world of Chaos Reborn until you have experienced Turmoil.

Turmoil has a Casting Change of 50% or a Mana Cost of 50 and can only be obtained from a Magic Tree or the Talisman Cantio Compositus.

On the Battle MapEdit


  • 1.12: Can now be obtained from Cantio Compositus.

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