For those in need of a mount look no further than the majestic Unicorn. These horned steeds have been a stalwart of fantasy since antiquity and in Chaos Reborn they are no different. A strong defensive Creature Unit, the Unicorn comes with a defence strength of 40 and magic power of 70 to help keep the beast and its rider unharmed from both other Creatures and Magic Attacks. Additionally its rather weak attack strength of 20 is deceptive for Unicorns’ possess the Charge Special Ability that adds 20 to a normal attack when initiated from a distance.

The Unicorn’s Mega-spell is the Blessing of Unicorns which summons 3 of these grand beasts to your side to provide you with a pool to help keep your wizard mounted and safe.

A powerful mount, the Unicorn has a Casting Chance of 60% or a Mana Cost of 40 so this Law Spell may not be the easiest to perform early battle but it is most certainly worth saving up for.

Game LoreEdit

A flicker of movement drew Galina’s attention, a horse walking across open ground, stark white in colour with a horn between its ears. On its back, a women, her hair long and raven dark across its back. She regarded Galina and Hino with a solemn expression, but did not speak.

A strange creature of legend, as intelligent as a man, but with the body of a horse and a great horn that is sharp enough to cut steel, Unicorns (also known as Re’em) are solitary and lonely creatures. Since the Schism, they have become more numerous, but remain distrustful of each other.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Charge: +20 Attack if an attack is initiated from a non-adjacent tile.
  • Mount: Can be rode by a Wizard. The mount must be killed before the rider can be harmed unless they are thrown off the Battle Map.

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