Equipment - Talisman - Valor
Valor/Valour Talismans are fitted into Valor Slots found on Bodygear but not Staffs. They are Activated by spending Mana and may start pre-Activated for some higher ranking AI Wizard Lords.

Valor TalismansEdit

Name Influence Activation
of Max
Glyph & Ward
Abashivor Gain Shatter ability. 5 1
Equipment - Talisman - Abashivor
Bellivent Gain ability to Retreat to safety from a Range Attack, even if mounted, from:

But not from:

Does not prevent Shatter.

20 1
Equipment - Talisman - Bellivent
Celeris Gain +1 Movement. 35 1
Equipment - Talisman - Celeris
Invigoratum An adjacent Creature Unit may attack a second time. 10 (+2 per use) 5
Equipment - Talisman - Invigoratum
Metafortis Gain Multi-attack ability. 30 1
Equipment - Talisman - Metafortis
Pontacto Gain Range Attack Strength +10 & Range Attack Range +1. 35 1
Equipment - Talisman - Pontacto
Retrigarum Gain Retaliate ability. 45 1
Equipment - Talisman - Retrigarum
Shadoron Gain ability to never be Engaged in Combat even when mounted. 10 1
Equipment - Talisman - Shadoron
Televortis Teleport on to a Mount. Teleporting ends the Wizards movement. 20 (+5 per use) 5
Equipment - Talisman - Televortis

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Multi-attack: Attacks all adjacent enemies.
  • Retaliate: Will automatically attack any adjacent enemy Creature Unit which launches an attack.
  • Shatter: Destroys a magic weapon or a magical set of wings wielded by an defending wizard.
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