For centuries stories of Vampires have terrorised peoples’ dreams and with this Undead Creature Unit you can now terrorise your enemies’ forces as well. They are fast with movement of 3 and can also fly to easily transverse obstacles such as Tangle Vine or slower units on the battle map. Their attack strength of 30 may seem low at first but these creatures of the night possess the Leech Special Ability and grew stronger with every living being they slay making then excellent combatants whose importance to your victory will only increase over time.

Of Chaos alignment with a Casting Chance of 40% and Mana Cost of 60, the Vampires’ Mega-spell is Scourge of Vampires which can be found on Air, Chaos, Creatures, Speed, and Undead Staffs, and when cast summons two of the blood lusting beings to your side. 

Powerful units, Vampires are truly fearsome and are an excellent choice for those planning a longer strategic route to victory. 

Game LoreEdit

Something rushed across the room. Hands grappled his, nails dug into his wrists and savage strength drove him into the wall. He thrashed against the sinewy grasp, but couldn’t break it. Impossible! No-one mortal could—

It is believed that the first of these creatures have existed from before the change, that they roamed the old world as enemies and rivals to the Egregoroi and the Nephilim. Such creatures are ancient by now and long since grown resistant to the summoning of wizards. But each time the magic is invoked, they hear the call and remember.

The lore and knowledge of the living dead is a well-guarded secret. Some wizards make alliances with these creatures, but should never trust them entirely. It is said the most powerful elders have also learned how to construct portals and journey between worlds. This suggests the first of these creatures may have been empowered by the blood of the Egregoroi.

Lesser minions roam the realms seeking our new prey for their brethren. They find the living, defeat them and drag them back to their nest worlds as food for their kin.

From The Loremaster's Guide
by Allen Stroud & Julian Gollop

Alternative NamesEdit

In the Fractured Worlds a Vampire may also be known as The Living Dead.


  • Leech: +20 attack, +10 defence with each living unit slain.
  • Flying: Can fly over terrain obstacles and other units.
  • Undead: Cannot be attacked by living entities unless they are Paralysed or an attacker possesses the Undead Slayer Attribute.

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